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The price of working with incompetent specialists is customer’s unjustified expectations of the timing and cost of project.

How much does it “cost” to have a deal with incompetent specialists?

The price of working with incompetent specialists is customer’s unjustified expectations of the timing and cost of project.

Our qualification and experience always lead to a short road to the goal

Our clients

СЕО СВ Construction

Efimenko Sergey Igorevich

“The future is not where I go, but what I create. I’m not looking for my own way, but building it”

For 20 years in the construction industry, I  worked my way up from: higher education, employment, MBA as the second higher education, personal growth trainings, immersion in the business environment and, as a result – I created my own business.

I work with clients on the basis of honesty and responsibility, they always win with me!

Personal consultation with Efimenko S. I.

Finished construction objects

Our mission:

CBConstruction is leading in its industry, as long as we always share our knowledge and trust with our Partners.

At the heart of contact with us, you are guaranteed to receive a commissioned building with a registered property rights and positive emotions from justified expectations in terms of time and cost of the project.

During the interaction, Clients are given access to the comprehensive support of our company: starting with the choice of a land plot for placement, receiving planning permission, documentation on technical conditions, continuing with design details, a resolution of non-governmental experts on project documentation – and ending with physical realization of project on the site and future actions related to the point of common coupling (PCC).

We’re working with all types of commercial real estate: shopping malls, pavilions, shops, hotels, warehouses, hangars, logistics centers,

production facilities and structures, as well as with multi-apartment residential buildings.

Based on many-years practice in Moscow and Moscow Region, we have identified a short set of procedures which make projects closer to the goal, and which completely removes or minimizes the risks associated with possible Construction Ministry/Urban Planning Information System refusals.

The established contacts in local and supervisory structures allow us to find the “keys” which can solve problems of any complexity.

During the implementation process, we’re actively interacting with all bureaucratic authorities, administrations, services and resource-supplying organizations – this guarantees the fulfillment of all agreements on technological connection to the supplying resources – water supply, sewage, gas supply and heat supply.

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