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CB Construction is a nice team of like-minded people: they’re full-time specialists and experts, partners and contractors.

The main principle of our work is to allow client to calmly monitor the project’s progress, without emotional overload or excessive time costs, therefore we offer only comprehensive solutions for the implementation of your investment plans.

CB Consulting is working out and connecting the main stages in a logically structured sequential chain: pre-design studies, search and selection of a land plot, preliminary design, networks technical specifications and permissions obtaining, engineering surveys, design, permits and approvals, state or non-state examination, construction and commissioning.

Our methods, established contacts in government agencies and many years of experience minimize the chances of deadline/estimated cost increasing failures.

Сonstruction on a turnkey basis.

During the project implementation, we pay special attention to the preparation and collection of executive documentation, we build trusting relationships with the inspectors of the state’s Construction and Examination supervisor, district’s administration, the Ministry of Construction of Moscow and the region.

In relations with the Builder, first of all we see the person and his needs, we highly value openness, honesty, courage and trust in us, in response we practice a full set of positive qualities, are ready to take a reasonable risk, always in touch and normally treat changes in technical task at any stage.

We take on the leading functions of execution of the project, completely remove all routine operations from the Customer, do not ask many questions and bring a minimum of bureaucracy in internal interactions.

We offer flexible prices for our services; in order to optimize the tax base, make contacts with regular customers more profitable and establishing convenient conditions there are several legal entities in our management – having a tax base for the general taxation system and a simplified taxation system.

CB Consulting completely removes all routine operations from the Customer, does not ask many questions and brings a minimum of bureaucracy in internal interactions.
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