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Manufacture branch of OOO "Henkel Rus"

Stroiteley Ave, 46, Saratov Region, Engels

Project’s description

Henkel’s automotive component plant (produces Terotex and Terolan mastics for seal welds, anti-corrosion compositions for bottoms). Investor -Henkel-AG Engels, Saratov Region. The project has been completed in 2006.

The project included the replacement of the dismantled production from Syzran, for which a new building was constructed on the territory of the existing complex for the production of synthetic detergents (Persil, Ariel, Pemo-Lux, Somat, Losk). The project is completed and the synthesis technology has been developed and introduced. The best specialists in the construction and chemical industries from Russia/Europe took part in the joint implementation of the “Henkel Rus” company’s branch

Most of the project’s documentation is developed in the EU and adapted to the norms of the Russian Federation, passed state expertise, so the project received special environmental and other approvals.

Due to the important status of the object, all permits and accreditations were issued at the main department of the Ministry of Construction in Moscow.

The general contractor – the German company EuroCom MAT (Hamburg, Germany) completed the main stages of the processes: zero stage (preparation of construction process), monolithic foundations, special industrial floors with chemical protection, facades and roofing, supervision of the equipment installation – the bearing structures are made in the Czech Republic, delivered and assembled by Astron installers.

The specificity of this project lies in increased safety requirements to the object, the need to create protection against leaks, spills, emergency discharges, as well as in measures to eliminate the possible consequences of excesses.

The manufacture object has been successfully commissioned, its regular customers are well-known auto-giants: AvtoVAZ, Ford, Renault, KAMAZ, GAZ.

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