Construction and design services

Assessment of the land’s investment attractiveness

We carry out an express analysis of the available documents related to the land, issue recommendations on the possibility of its development, provide initial technical and economic indicators for further work. We work out measures  on reducing project’s risks, form an optimal roadmap (timeline) of receiving all approvals and calculate the initial budget of the construction and designing process.

Analyzing the initial data of the project

We carry out necessary pre-design studies, a preliminary design, approve the characteristics of the developing object, request the necessary technical conditions for connection to the supply networks, as well as control the necessary coordination with the interested services (bodies) and airports.

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Documental permissions obtaining

To make project run smoothly, we carry out a complex of engineering surveys: necessary works in geodesy, geology, ecology, hydrogeology fields, requesting approval on the architectural appearance of the future building (town-planning issues), developing project’s documentation, by also using the BIM technology, obtaining a positive expert opinion on construction and recieving a building permit.

Implementing construction processes & works

We offer construction implementation on the turnkey basis. All types of buildings can be successfully finished with us: for example, a shopping complex or a pavilion, a shop, a hotel, a warehouse, a hangar, a logistics center, an industrial premise or construction, or an apartment building. We carry out the supply, installation and commissioning of complex engineering equipment, including BMS – building management system.

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Property registration

We obtain a conclusion on project’s compliance in State Construction Supervision Committee, then complete the executive documentation, technical plans approved by the Bureau of Technical Inventory, certificates of technical specifications compliance, permission to put project into operation and so on. We also perform actions in the registration chamber for establishing rights on the object.

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